Luckpim Publishing company’s strategy

Luckpim is specialized in translate and publish Japanese Manga in Thai language. The company is formed by a group of professional publisher whose experience in Manga business for many years. However, our publishing company is also capable of publishing various type of printed media, such as text book, novel, cartoon, broacher, etc. We are constantly looking in expanding our line of publishing products.


  • Founded : 2 March 2006
  • President : Mr. Saknarin Srisermsin
  • Location : Luckpim publishing company Limited. 48/66 Eakachai-Bangborn Road, Koggrabuer Samutsakorn, Postcode 74000
  • Number of employee : 21
  • Registered Capital : 1 million Bahts, fully paid. (Approximately 3.3 million Yen)
  • Type of business : Publishing, translating , and distributing printed media.
  • Consultant : Lalana Kwnatum (Ex-consultant, Ministry of Education)

Income figure

The majority of the estimated income will be from Manga. The rest would be from the educational related media and others.

Note *Manga: Japanese Manga, novel, gift , and also Manga which originally created by Thai authors. *Education: All the printed media for education purpose. *Others: Other printed media and also the book store which operated by the company. *The figure above is estimated based on the assumption that the company will be able to publish its own book with the copy right license.
Our vision is to increase the income from education and other type of work while maintaining Manga as a main source of income. The education media is expected to increase by 20%. For the other type of income we would like to add value to the existing work and increase income by 15%.

Competitive advantages

  • Clear target audience: Our main audience (80%) is a male between 13 to 35 years old.
  • Appropriate Translation: The ability to appropriately translate to Thai language both grammatically and culturally accurate.
  • Distribution & Printing: The company has its own printing and distribution system.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The company is planning to invest in membership system, website and also organise special event en launching the new book.

Company target

Although the company currently does not publish its own book, we are currently preparing to publish the mange which is written by affiliated Thai author. The Manga should be published within December 2006. Our target for the year 2007 is to publish at least 50 series by the first quarter.

Growth target

By projecting the current capability of the company, we believe that we can publish 150 series by the year 2007. The total sale figure should be at least 400,000 copies.